We Walk by Faith is much more than an appeal name. It is at the very heart of discipleship and stewardship. My own faith journey has taken me many places, and some of those places I would have not chosen on my own. Many times I could not see the road ahead. I didn’t always trust what the Lord was asking, but I knew He was asking something of me. My only option was to walk away from my call to discipleship or to surrender myself to Jesus in faith and confidence – often times the road less traveled. At times this was very difficult, but I can assure you when I have stepped out and walked by faith, trusting that the Lord would provide for all I needed to do what He was asking, I have been blessed many times over. God will not be outdone in generosity!

When I arrived in the Diocese of Rapid City, I was greeted by many warm hearts and a deep faith in western South Dakota. I knew immediately this was home for me. I continue to feel that warmth and generosity every day. And I am deeply grateful.

I wish that I could greet you personally and share the importance of the Terra Sancta Guild. I have seen, as you also may have, the profound impact that Terra Sancta has had on Catholics across our diocese and beyond. I have personally led retreats for our faithful and joined in prayer and worship on many occasions. The Year of Faith events are just one example. I have witnessed the joy of children racing through the hallways of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary School at Terra Sancta. Without Guild support Terra Sancta would not be part of our diocese and peoples’ faith would not have been impacted in the ways it has since Terra Sancta opened.

Terra Sancta is a holy place for holy people, God’s people. I am very grateful for the support of the Terra Sancta Guild. The Guild is much more than financial support for the diocese. The Guild is a group of people who walk by faith and step forward in faith to bring our diocese to a new Catholic way of life. We have done so much together so far and there is so much more we can
do together!

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis has asked us to “Put on Christ!” As your Bishop I am keenly aware of our need to bring Catholics closer to Christ and His Church. I desire that our Church raise up intentional disciples – men, women and children who truly “put on Christ.” You can help me in this vision. By joining the Guild, each year we can build the life of the Church in western South Dakota – this wonderful Diocese of Rapid City – one person, one family at a time. I whole heartedly believe in the mission of the Terra Sancta Guild and promise we can do great things together.

If you cannot join us through Guild membership, please keep the ministry of the Diocese in your prayers. Be assured of my continued prayers for all of you. May God continue to bless you and your family in abundance.

Respectfully yours in Christ,